Love me tender

Take special care of your jewelry to ensure longevity.

Avoid contact with water, lotions, perfumes, hairspray, and other liquids or harsh chemicals. Please keep in mind that metals can scratch and bend. Protect jewelry from rough surfaces. Remove rings when lifting heavy objects. Store jewelry separately in its provided pouch in an airtight container.


Our gold-plating is applied at a thickness far above industry standards. While true "vermeil" consists of gold plated over silver at 2.5 microns thick, we still use vermeil-thickness plating over our eco-friendly brass to ensure quality and durability. However, please note that plated jewelry can wear down slightly over time with heavy use.

Clean with a damp cotton cloth after wear. Do not use jewelry cleaner on plated items.

Sterling Silver & Solid Gold

Our precious metal pieces (coming soon) are more resilient to ensure lifelong luster.

Sterling silver naturally tarnishes over time. Polish with a silver cloth or microfiber cloth to restore its shine. The best way to keep silver happy is to wear it! Your skin's natural oils help clean it and retain its luster.

Clean gold with a jewelry cleaning solution or non-phosphate dishsoap mixed with lukewarm water. Use a cotton swab. Blot dry with a towel.